The StanceRight® golf mat instils correct ball position every time.

Set up like the pros every time, without fail!

The Original and Unique Stance Right® Mat guarantees perfect target alignment and ball positioning.

It is made from premium synthetic turf and has correct feet and ball positions inked onto the surface for the three major clubs in the bag – the driver, the 5-iron and the wedge.  The ink is a colourfast cross-linking acrylic formula specifically designed for long wearing on artificial turf.  Rubber tees located in each of the ball positions provide feedback through the sound you hear when your club makes contact with the tee.

The Original and Unique Stance Right® Mat is an extremely powerful muscle memory training device which instils an irrefutable and fundamentally sound address position to the golf ball.

The Original and Unique Stance Right® Mat complies with all PGA guidelines.  It never lies;  it is spot-on every time.

Ben Hogan used to ingrain a square setup in his hotel room for hours and to quote Johnny Miller, 20 June 2010, "Even the top pros in the world sometimes have stance and ball position issues".

Well it seems like even the pros could use a Stance Right by the sounds of that!  Why not you too?




The 1 Stance Right® mat fits all, Left and Right handed available.
White markings for men and taller women, yellow markings for average sized women and children. Behemoths (extremely tall men and women) will have to email me to discuss your dimensions.




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